sábado, 14 de fevereiro de 2009

Para uma pessoa MUITO Especial!!! =)

You came into my life
Like a shooting star so bright
Now the wish I’ll ever make
It’s that you’d never go away

My days of emptiness are gone for good
You complete me
That I know for sure
The two of us in one become
I’m only yours, you’re my only one

When you touch me in the face
I feel like I can the world embrace
When you smile to me so kind
I feel like I can leave all other things behind
When you kiss me with all your heart
I feel like we can never be apart
A simple look from your eyes
Make me feel like I’m touching the skies

You are my sunshine
My moon so bright
My guardian angel
My only knight

And there is so much more I want to say
There is so much more I’m feeling now
All these things you mean to me
If that´s not love, what could it be?

ADORO-TE!!! =)***

Estado de Espírito: Nas Nuvens

Calmante: What If - Emilie Autumn

Passagem: "HAPPY...... DAY! (uma vez que não ligo puto ao Valentim...XD)"

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